Visiting Artist Erin Woodbrey – Tuesday, September 26 @ 7pm

The Department of Art’s Intermedia Program is hosting visiting artist Erin Woodbrey for a presentation on Tuesday, Sept. 26 @ 7pm in IMRC 104. The event is open and free to the public.

About Erin Woodbrey:

“Erin Woodbrey is a New England-based artist whose body of interdisciplinary work utilizes sculpture, printmaking, photography, and time-based media. Presented, piece by piece, as a study of fabricated and naturally occurring units of space and time, Woodbrey’s gaze is wide in scope and trained on the interrelated qualities of process, time, material, nature, the body, and architecture. Using sometimes insubstantial materials to depict what seems simultaneously indestructible and delicate, Woodbrey explores the tension between permanence and transience, growth and decay. Often involving a dialog on contemporary ecological discourse and new materialisms, Woodbrey’s work asks essential questions about how the functions of objects and space inform, mirror, and tend to the human condition and more broadly, conditions of being.”