Lord Hall Gallery – A Bicentennial Exhibition – Framing Maine: Artists’ Perspectives on Place, Oct. 4-Nov. 15, 2019

From October 4 through November 15, 2019, the Lord Hall Gallery hosted an exhibition, “Framing Maine: Artists’ Perspectives on Place,” in celebration of Maine bicentennial

In a celebration of Maine’s upcoming bicentennial, more than 50 works that share a strong connection to — and/or vision of — the state were featured in the exhibition, “Framing Maine: Artists’ Perspectives on Place,” in the Lord Hall Gallery at the University of Maine.

In a wide range of media, formats and subject matter, the artworks by 34 artists represented a small but resonant sample of Maine’s rich visual and cultural diversity. The exhibition was co-curated by Laurie E. Hicks, UMaine professor of art and director/curator of the Lord Hall Gallery; Carl Little, art historian, critic and author; and Kreg Ettenger, director of the Maine Folklife Center and Maine Studies Program at UMaine.

An opening reception was held in the gallery on Oct. 4. During the reception, a panel of artists spoke with Carl Little about their art and experiences. The conversation focused on the importance of art in Maine’s history and emerging cultural identity, as well as how the state has influenced the images and forms these artists create.

The exhibition, organized by the University of Maine Department of Art and the Maine Studies Program, was held in conjunction with the lecture series, “Framing Maine: Conversations with Storytellers and Imagemakers from the Pine Tree State,” organized by the Maine Studies Program.

Artists in the exhibition were: Jane Banquer, Siri Beckman, Jeffrey Becton, Kevin Beers, Louise Bourne, Alan Bray, Elizabeth Busch, Barry Dana, Claud Dennis, Marsha Donahue, Evelyn Dunphy, Sarah Faragher, Stephanie Francis, Gabriel Frye, Deborah Heyden, Nina Jerome, MaJo Keleshian, Rosemary Levin, Michael Lewis, James Linehan, Larinda Meade, Daniel Minter, Johanna Moore, Ed Nadeau, Stan Neptune, Heath Paley, Molly Neptune Parker, Mark Picard, Robert Pollien, Barbara Putnam, Sarah Sockbeson, Antonia Small, Susan Smith and John Whalley.