Albers & Heirs Exhibition

Albers & Heirs Exhibit Opening with Jane Javis Doggett
Albers & Heirs Exhibit Opening with Jane Davis Doggett

Albers & Heirs, an exhibition of the works of Josef Albers, Neil Welliver, and Jane Davis Doggett, will be at the Lord Hall Galleries from 16 June – 18 July.  Curated by Osvaldo Monzon, the exhibit marks a significant occasion for the university in underscoring the importance of the Bauhaus school via Black Mountain College and Yale University to current arts education here at UMaine and across North America.  Through Albers’ teaching at Black Mountain College, Modernism became the main-spring driver of Arts education just at the moment when universities across globe began to include the Arts as part of their offerings.  Albers’ book, the Interaction of Color, represented here by several prints, continues to serve as a core text in foundational Color Theory and Practice courses central to in all education programmes.  Gallery Hours: M-F from 9:00am – 4:30pm