Dr. Natalia (Natasha) Magnani

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

PhD, University of Cambridge, 2018
B.A., Binghamton University, 2012


Professional Interests:

Natalia Magnani is a sociocultural anthropologist who examines the underlying mechanisms of social change—the ways that people seek to transform themselves and society through embodied, material, and digital practice. She studies resurgences of production—from the recreation of craft objects, local food ways, and their ecologies, to large-scale infrastructural revivals, all of which become entangled with wider politics of decolonization and climate change. Projects are ongoing with artisans in the Indigenous homelands of Sápmi in Fennoscandia and postcolonial Cyprus, and with communities across the Circumpolar North anticipating a Chinese Arctic Silk Road.

Representative Publications:

Magnani, N. and M. Magnani. 2022. Decolonizing Production: Healing, Belonging, and Social Change in Sápmi. Current Anthropology 63(4): 386-406. 

Magnani, N. 2022. Reflections of movement. Current Anthropology 63(5).

Magnani, N. 2022. Commemorating Continuity: Reconciling Representations in Sääʹm Land. In The Sámi World. Valkonen, Sanna, ed. London: Routledge.

Magnani, M, J. Clindaniel, and N. Magnani. 2022. Material Culture Studies in the Age of Big Data: Digital Excavation of Homemade Face-Mask Production during the COVID-19 Pandemic. American Antiquity 1-21.

Magnani, M, N. Magnani, S. Farstadvoll, and A. Venovcevs. 2021. A Contemporary Archaeology of Pandemic. Journal of Social Archaeology 22(1): 48-81.

Magnani, N. and M. Magnani. 2020. Material Methods for a Rapid-Response Anthropology. Social Anthropology 28(2): 312-314

Magnani, N., M. Magnani, A. Venovcevs, and S. Farstadvoll. 2020. Material Transformations of Memory. American Anthropologist, Public Anthropologies.

Magnani, M., N. Magnani, and A. Guttorm. 2019. Accessibility, Authenticity and the Ethics of Digital Representation: A Reply to Galeazzi. Current Anthropology 60(2): 262-263.

Magnani, M. and N. Magnani. 2018. Archaeological Ethnography of an Indigenous Movement: Revitalization and Production in a Skolt Sámi Community. Journal of Social Archaeology 18(1): 3-29.

Magnani, M., A. Guttorm, and N. Magnani. 2018. Three-Dimensional Community-Based Heritage Management of Indigenous Museum Collections: Archaeological Ethnography, Revitalization, and Repatriation at Sámi Museum Siida. Journal of Cultural Heritage 31: 162-169.

Magnani, N.  2016. Reconstructing Food Ways: Role of Skolt Sámi Cultural Revitalization Programs in Local Plant Use. Journal of Ethnobiology 36(1): 85-104.



Email: natalia.magnani@maine.edu

Department of Anthropology
5773 South Stevens Hall
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5773 USA



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