Photo of people raising the Penobscot flag

Darren Ranco Receives NSF Grant for WaYS Program

Professor Darren Ranco’s work with the Wabanaki Youth Science Program (WaYS) has taken central stage, and he received an NSF INCLUDES GRANT ($300,000) this past Fall to bring the WaYS Program more fully to the University of Maine and its curriculum. In collaboration with Dr. John Daigle in the School of Forest Resources, Professor Ranco also […]

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Photo of team of researchers in Peru

Dan Sandweiss Led Team of Researchers to Peru

During the month of August, 2018, Professor Dan Sandweiss led a team of researchers in Peru seeking to date what may be the earliest evidence of warfare in the New World. This evidence comes in the form of slingstones placed in piles, with the piles spaced about two meters apart along two lines. The piles […]

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Photo of Alice Kelley doing research

UMaine Geoarchaeologist Profiled In The New York Times

Alice Kelley (Department of Anthropology, Climate Change Institute, and Earth and Climate Sciences) and her colleagues were recently profiled in the “Science Times” section of the New York Times (10/24/17). Working with Joseph Kelley (Earth and Climate Sciences & Climate Change Institute, University of Maine), Arthur Spiess (Maine Historic Preservation Commission), Daniel Belknap (Earth and […]

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