B.A. in Anthropology

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A minimum of 36 credits of anthropology or geography is required. In some cases, double majors may be able to apply six credits of collateral courses to the major. Majors must pass the following courses with at least a “C -” grade, with the exception of ANT 493, which majors must pass with at least a “C” grade.

ANT 101 – Introduction to Anthropology: Human Origins and Prehistory Credits: 3
ANT 102 – Introduction to Anthropology: Diversity of Cultures Credits: 3
ANT 317 – Fundamentals of Archaeology Credits: 3
ANT 400 – Basic Theory in Cultural Anthropology Credits: 3
ANT 493 – Capstone in Anthropology Credits: 3

Students may declare an anthropology major in their first year, and must declare their major once they have accumulated 53 credits. It is desirable to begin taking anthropology courses in the first semester at the university.

First year students are advised to take ANT 101 (fall semester) and ANT 102 (spring semester), as these are both required for the major and are prerequisites for many upper division courses. Other 100 and 200 level courses in anthropology are relevant and may be taken in the first year. First year students also concentrate on completing general education requirements.

ANT 317 and ANT 400 are both major requirements and should be taken as early as possible. ANT 400 is our writing intensive course within the major and is limited to 15 majors of junior standing per semester. There is a waiting list for this course. Please sign up for the waiting list in the Anthropology Office, as soon as possible.

The Capstone course, ANT 493, is taken in the spring of the junior or senior year. Students writing an anthropology honors thesis do not have to take the Capstone course, ANT 493, but prior approval is required.

ANT 317, 400, 493, and 9 other credits must be taken at UMaine.

Advanced study in anthropology normally requires use of quantitative methods and foreign language competency, and some theoretical sophistication. Consequently, students planning to do graduate work in anthropology should take a course in Statistics, such as ANT 462 (Numerical Methods in Anthropology), and achieve foreign language competency at the intermediate level. A knowledge of statistics and one or more foreign languages is required in most Ph.D. programs in Anthropology. Those interested in graduate work in archaeology should take some 500 level courses in Anthropology.

The anthropology major emphasizes a broadly based undergraduate curriculum. In consultation with his or her advisor, the student should select courses to sample effectively the sub-disciplines of anthropology, and avoid over-specialization at the B.A. level. A few interdisciplinary course concentrations or minors are appropriate for the anthropology major. These are included under the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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