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Academic Year Services

School Visits

UBMS provides academic services by traveling to schools twice per month. We have developed a model for working with students that involves both individual and group counseling. Throughout the year, assistance is provided in academic, career, and college planning.

As a freshman or sophomore you will spend time getting to know your counselor as well as keeping up grades and working on study skills and time-management. The time spent building a relationship with your primary Academic Counselor will form the foundation in preparing you for summer program and the college search and application process.

As a junior, you will explore career and college opportunities as well as review academic progress. Academic tutoring is provided as needed. As a senior, you will benefit financially from fee waivers provided to cover the SAT exam and your college applications. You will have the opportunity to participate in college visits throughout New England. You will receive assistance from us with your college applications and college financial aid applications through Upward Bound.

Reunions/STEM Workshop Adventures

Once per academic quarter, UBMS hosts events that include reconnecting with friends and staff from summer program and meeting new students, having dinner together, trips to sporting events, visiting the planetarium, and taking tours of STEM departments on campus, such as the Ice Core Lab and Advanced Engineering Wood Composites (AEWC) Center…and much more! Events always include a STEM-related feature.


Students and Parents Tour Advanced Engineering Wood Composite Center, Offshore Wind Project at UMaine, UBMS Spring Reunion, 2013

Hall of Flags

UBMS selects students to attend the Hall of Flags event in Augusta each year. It is a chance to meet your representatives and talk about issues of importance to you, as well as to represent the UBMS Program!


2013 Hall of Flags at the Augusta State House

Maine Youth Action Network (MYAN) Conference

We also select students from the program to attend the MYAN Conference, usually held in December of each year. This event is a leadership opportunity, and allows students to develop leadership skills in a setting with other Maine high school students.

group at table MYAN - nice

2012 Maine Youth Action Network Conference


Tutoring is available for any UB student who is struggling in a class. UB counselors will work with the student and the guidance staff of that school to locate an appropriate peer or adult tutor. A UB student can receive up to two hours of tutoring service per week and Upward Bound will cover the costs of the tutor. We encourage a student to seek the assistance of the class instructor first and then notify his/her UB counselor if subject difficulties continue. Upward Bound also provides tutoring during school visits. We pay $6 and hour for other students to tutor a UB student, and $10 for an adult, for a maximum of 2-3 hours a week.

The College Board provides your Academic Advisors with waivers. Each of them have a specific code that you need to enter at the end of your SAT application, or send to your potential colleges along with your recommendation letters

SAT Prep
Talk with your counselor about available resources. Sign up for the SAT at

Some colleges use the PROFILE to help them award financial aid packages to students. The PROFILE is a “financial” glance at you as a student. Sign up at

We help students apply for a “PIN”, fill out the FAFSA and ensure that students are getting the most appropriate financial aid award for their financial situation.

Sign up for a “PIN” at and fill out the FAFSA beginning in January your senior year of high school (and every year you’re in college after that) at

College Fee Waivers
Your Academic Advisor will have these for you. When applying for colleges online send your waivers along with recommendation letters and any other materials that must be sent to your schools.

Director’s List & Stipends
Upward Bound provides $25 per quarter for students who have maintained an overall “B” average or better (with no grade less than a “C”) for 3 out of 4 quarters each year in their core academic classes. 

Playing ‘Who in the Group?’
Spring 2012 Reunion