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UMaine mall and Fogler Library

The School provides its students with strong analytical and critical thinking skills necessary for economics, business, or other areas such as law and applied policy fields. The size of most classes encourages direct-participation between faculty and students. Students are also encouraged to pursue their interests in a particular topic as research and internship opportunities exist with several faculty and organizations both on and off-campus.

Because SOE faculty are actively involved in various research projects, we often use research in the undergraduate classroom (e.g., as examples, problem sets, projects), and mentor undergraduate Honor’s theses, capstone and independent study projects. We also hire undergraduates during the summer and during the academic year to perform research duties; e.g., last year we hired 23 undergrads to work on various research and teaching projects.

Flexibility also exists to complement studies in economics with majors or minors outside of the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture, with the School offering several degree programs and concentrations that offer interdisciplinary opportunities for students.

Our alumni have found employment opportunities in highly-respected organizations in the public and private sector. Strong networks also exist among faculty to help students identify work opportunities upon graduation.

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