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What is Engineering Technology?

Hear from our alumni, students and faculty about the field of engineering technology in this video.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers developed an excellent document discussing the differences between traditional engineering science degree programs and engineering technology programs.  You can view and save the .pdf file of the brochure at this link:  MEvsMETBrochure.

Our Students:

  • Learn through applied technical courses and hands-on laboratories
  • Interact with experienced professors with many years of real-world engineering design and development experience

Our Graduates:

  • Earn a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology (BSET)
  • Choose from a variety of exciting career options
  • Enjoy well-paid professional careers with high employment rate

How does engineering technology differ from traditional engineering?

Program Graduate:

An Engineering Technology graduate is a doer or implementer – one who is able to apply a knowledge of mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences, current engineering practices, and an understanding of economic principles to the solution of design problems and to the operation or testing of engineering and manufacturing systems. The engineering technology graduate can apply established procedures which utilize the current state of the art.

A traditional Engineering graduate is one who is able to interweave a knowledge of advanced mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences, and engineering principles and practices with considerations of economic, social, environmental, and ethical issues to create new systems and products. The engineering graduate can develop new procedures to advance the state of the art.

Program Objective:

Engineering Technology
To provide the knowledge required to apply state of the art techniques and designs to meet the current needs of society.

To provide the knowledge necessary to design and manufacture state of the art products and systems needed to meet the current and future needs of society.

Program Emphasis:

Engineering Technology
Emphasis is on applying current knowledge and practices to the solution of specific technical problems. The goal is to develop application abilities.

Emphasis is on developing methods of analysis and solutions for open-ended design problems. The goal is to develop conceptual abilities.

Typical Aspirations of the New Graduate:

Engineering Technology
The engineering technology graduate entering industry would most likely aspire to an entry level position in product design, development, testing, technical operations, or technical services and sales.

The engineering graduate would most likely aspire to an entry level position in conceptual design, systems engineering, manufacturing, or product research and development.