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Faculty with solar arrayIn 2011, a group of faculty and administrators created these programs in order to meet the increased need for skilled experts trained in renewable energy.  Following extensive collaboration between the College of Engineering and the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture, faculty developed three minors covering different aspects of the field.  While these programs are academic in nature, they also incorporate applied experiences into the curriculum, including laboratory work and a summer internship program.  The programs reflect the acute need for skilled generalists, who not only understand a particular element of renewable energy, but also can frame important issues within a larger context.  This fusion of breadth and specificity helps our students excel in this growing field.

We draw upon a wealth of experience from a variety of disciplines.  Faculty in the College of Engineering possess a range of specialties from structural design to fuel cells to smart grid.  Affiliated professors in the School of Forest Resources, the Department of Earth Sciences, and the School of Economics focus on a number of topics including bioenergy, industrial ecology, climate change, and offshore wind.  Our faculty work closely with the AEWC Advanced Structures and Composites Center, the leader in the effort to develop deepwater offshore wind energy in the Gulf of Maine, as well as the Forest BioProducts Research Institute, which is laying the groundwork for a diverse and sustainable bioeconomy.

Thank you for your interest in these programs and please do not hesitant to contact us with any questions.