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Facilities Available for Use - High Speed Pilot Coater

The coating capabilities of the PDC have been recently expanded with our new access to a high-speed, web coater. Coating is a key method of adding value and functionality to webs of paper, foil and specialized composite materials. This industrial-quality unit is able to directly coat paper made on the pilot paper machine using a wide range of coating application methods.

Some of the features of the coater include:The high-speed coater at Sappi

  • Capabilities ranging from bench top to high-speed
  • Speeds up to 4200 fpm (feet per minute)
  • Can be performed in forward or reverse
  • Can process webs of up to 28 inches in width
  • Trailing blade, including short dwell and rod coating
  • Various drying options including hot air impingement
  • Extensive laminating capabilities


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