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At a Glance - Why we do it

Benefits to Maine

We expect that Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative will benefit Maine by:

  1. facilitating collaborative interdisciplinary research to understand how social, economic, and ecological systems respond to changing demographic, market, biophysical, and political conditions;
  2. generating and sharing information among researchers, stakeholders, and decision-makers aimed at developing public policies that sustain economic opportunity in concert with preservation of environmental quality;
  3. exploring innovative ways of promoting communication between stakeholders and researchers and delivering educational tools to students and teachers engaged in analysis of sustainability issues in the classroom; and
  4. establishing vital state-wide networks among government agencies, NGOs and the private sector focused on improved management of natural resources and the development of key technology clusters in the Maine economy

“[This project]…recognizes that economic development— increased tax base, local jobs, local investment—is vital to the long term health of the community, as is the preservation of natural resources. It works to achieve a balance, based on where in town the conflicts arise, that will allow Topsham to continue to grow in appropriate places and ways… while preserving those resources that have the best chance at long term viability.”

Rich Roedner, Topsham Planning Director

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