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2011 Mitchell Lecture on Sustainability

Helping Science Speak for Itself: Improving Communication Between Scientists and Citizens

Keynote Speaker: Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon University
Thursday, October 13, 2011

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2011 Mitchell Lecture speaker Baruch FishhoffBaruch Fischhoff is a cognitive psychologist and professor of social and decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. Fischhoff will discuss his research on using “non-persuasive communication” to explain science to the public in ways that help people make more informed decisions about complex issues. Fischhoff, whose leadership roles include chairing the FDA’s Risk Communication Advisory Committee and serving on the EPA’s Scientific Advisory Board and chairing its Homeland Security Advisory Committee, focuses on helping the public understand and respond to health and environmental risks. His research interests include establishing a new interdisciplinary approach to communicating science to the public.