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Maine Masque

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  • The Maine Masque exists to provide opportunities for the students andcommunity at the University of Maine to create and participate in theatre,socialize with those who are interested in the theatre arts, and to educate othersabout the importance of theatre.
Article I-Name
  • Section 1. The name of the organization shall be Maine Masque.
Article II-Supervision
  • Section 1. Maine Masque is under the jurisdiction and supervision of the University of Maine’s Student Government and is an officially recognized theatre of the University of Maine.
  • Section 2. The Advisor of Maine Masque Theatre shall be chosen by the voting members of Maine Masque. The Advisor must be a member of the faculty or staff of the University of Maine. The Advisor will act as a permanent contact in the event that the student leadership cannot be reached. The Advisor may act as a consultant as required by the members. The Advisor’s term shall carry over from year to year unless interruption occurs or the voting members choose a new Advisor.
  • Section 3. The finances of Maine Masque shall be controlled by the Executive Council who will present financial reports to the membership whenever requested to do so.  The Executive Council will comply with all applicable laws and policies from all levels of government, the University of Maine, and the UMSG, Inc.
Article III-Officers
  • Section 1 – The elected officers of Maine Masque shall be a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian. These officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the annual spring election meeting. Each office shall be considered separately.
  • Section 2 – These five offices shall constitute the Executive Council, and as such carry out the general business of Maine Masque.
  • Section 3 – The President shall act as Chairman of the Executive Council; they will call all meetings of the Executive Council and the general membership. A detailed description of the President’s responsibilities is documented in a job description maintained by the Executive Council.
  • Section 4 – The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in their absence, and shall act as their assistant in all matters. A detailed description of the Vice-President’s responsibilities is documented in a job description maintained by the Executive Council.
  • Section 5 – The Treasurer shall maintain Maine Masque account(s) and supervise and advise on all financial matters. The Treasurer shall provide up to date financial reports, in a timely manner, whenever requested by a member of the Executive Council or general membership. A detailed description of the Treasurer’s responsibilities is documented in a job description maintained by the Executive Council.
  • Section 6 – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all Executive Council and general membership meetings. The minutes from all general meetings shall be posted, in a timely manner. Minutes from executive meetings will not be posted publicly, but are available to the general membership upon request. The Secretary will also keep track of current membership lists. A detailed description of the Secretary’s responsibilities is documented in a job description maintained by the Executive Council.
  • Section 7 – The Historian shall maintain records in the form of an annual scrap book, including membership, meeting minutes, news articles, photos, programs, and any other materials needed to document Maine Masque activity. The Historian will also oversee publicizing of Maine Masque events. A detailed description of the President’s responsibilities is documented in a job description maintained by the Executive Council.
Article IV-Elections
  • Section 1–Officer Elections will be held each Spring at least two weeks before the Apple Awards. Nominations and Elections will happen in the same meeting. The meeting time and election process will be advertised at least one week prior to the election meeting.
  • Section 2 – Due to the difficult nature of the office of Treasurer, prior to the election meeting the Executive Council will choose a candidate for the Treasurer position. If possible, this candidate will engage in training by the present Treasurer; including, but not limited to, an introduction and explanation of the duties of the Treasure, and a hands-on experience by the candidate. Members interested in being Treasurer should inform an officer. During the election meeting the voting members will vote yes or no for the Treasurer candidate. If the Treasurer candidate is not approved,  the Executive Council will follow the instructions in Article IV, Section 10 for replacing a vacant Treasurer position.
  • Section 3–Anyone may be nominated to become an officer, either by nominating themselves or being nominated by another member. Officers are eligible for reelection. Nominations must be seconded by a member, and nominees must accept or decline their nomination. If a member intends to run but cannot attend the nomination/election meeting they may submit their intention to run, in writing, to the Executive Council prior to the meeting. The absent candidate may submit a statement to the Executive Council to be read at the election meeting. All nominees must be planning to attend the University of Maine on at least a part time basis during the following Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Section 4–Voting during the election meeting will happen via secret ballot. The ballots will be collected and counted under the supervision of no less than two non-nominated officers, or non-nominated members of Maine Masque in the event that four or more officers are running for reelection. Write-in candidates are not allowed. The candidate with the most votes for each office will be elected into that office. In the event of a tie between candidates, there will be an immediate secret ballot tiebreaker vote between the tied candidates.
  • Section 5–The election meeting will be conducted as follows. The candidate chosen by the Executive Council for the office of Treasurer will be presented. The Treasurer candidate may give a brief statement if they wish. A yes or no vote will then take place. Nominations will then be taken for the office of President. Nominees may give a brief statement to explain their platform. Voting will then take place for the office of President. Once a President has been chosen then nominations, statements, and voting will take place for the office of Vice-President. Once a Vice-President has been chosen then nominations, statements, and voting will take place for the office of Secretary. Once a Secretary has been chosen then nominations, statements, and voting will take place for the office of Historian.
  • Section 6–In the event that there are no nominees for a position or no one is voted into an officer position then the existing Executive Committee shall follow the rules listed under article IV, sections 8, 9 and 10 for replacing a vacant officer position.
  • Section 7 – The elected officers as herein provided, shall take office at the close of the annual spring Apple Awards. There will be a transitional period between the election of the new officers at the annual spring election meeting and the Apple Awards where the newly elected officers may confer with the current officers to prepare for the following school year. During that transitional period, the current, and newly elected, officers shall have at least one group meeting and are encouraged to attend weekly officer meetings if possible.
  • Section 8 – In the event that the office of the President shall become vacant, the Vice-President shall immediately call a special meeting of the general membership. The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the Presidency until the office is filled at the special meeting. Refer to Article IV section 11 for reelection procedures.
  • Section 9 – In the event that the office of Vice-President, Secretary, or Historian shall become vacant, the President shall either appoint an existing and willing officer, or appoint a temporary officer from the membership, to execute the duties of the vacant office until the office is filled at a special meeting of the general membership.Refer to Article IV section 11 for reelection procedures.
  • Section 10–In the event that the office of Treasurer shall become vacant, the Executive Council shall appoint a member to fill that office. If the general membership does not approve of the Executive Council’s choice they may implement Article VI, Section 6.
  • Section 11 – The procedure for officer replacement shall be as follows. A special meeting of the general membership shall be called. Announcements for the meeting will include the need to nominate and elect a member for the vacant office and must be advertised at least one week in advance. Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by another member. If a member intends to run but cannot attend the special meeting they may submit their intention to run, in writing, to the Executive Council prior to the meeting. Another Maine Masque member must second each nomination. Nominees must accept or decline their nomination. There is no limit to the number of nominations allowed for an office. When no more nominations are offered, each candidate will be allowed to give a short statement. Absent candidates may submit a statement in advance to be read. Immediately following the statements, voting will take place via secret ballot. The ballots will be collected and counted as described in Article IV section 4. The newly elected officer shall take office immediately following the close of the special meeting.
Article V -General Membership Meetings
  • Section 1 – Meetings of the General Membership shall be called by the President, upon the request of any members of the Executive Council, or when petitioned to do so by any five members of Maine Masque. Written notices shall be sent one week prior to the date including, but not limited to a posting in the First Class Maine Masque Conference. There shall be at least one general meeting each week of the academic year, unless the weather, University scheduled vacations, or a national holiday interfere.
Article VI–Membership
  • Section 1 – General membership in Maine Masque shall be divided into two categories: general and voting. General members will not have voting privileges, and voting members will. To become a member of Maine Masque students must be enrolled at least part time at the University of Maine.
  • Section 2 – Members will officially become voting members two weeks after submitting a form for voting membership at a general meeting. Voting membership forms will not be accepted within two weeks of the Spring officer election meeting
  • Section 4 – The Secretary or a delegate will take attendance at approved meetings, activities, or events, and keep track of points, but it is each member’s responsibility to make sure their attendance or participation has been recorded.
  • Section 3 – To maintain voting membership students must demonstrate a certain level of commitment to Maine Masque by attending or participating in at least 3 approved meetings, activities, or events sponsored by Maine Masque each semester. This will be checked at the end of each semester, beginning the semester after the student becomes a voting member. If the minimum attendance/participation is not maintained, the student reverts back to being a general member. Voting membership can be restored after earning three points in the following semester and submitting the reapplication form.
  • Section 5 – Written requests for funding may be submitted to any officer and will be discussed at the next officer meeting.
  • Section 6 – If the membership does not agree with a decision or action of the Executive Council, any five members, or more, may call for a special meeting of the general membership. At the special meeting the membership may call for a vote to reconsider the decision or action that is in question, if at least one quarter of the voting membership is present.
Article VII–Amendments
  • This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given in writing at least one week previous to the meeting at which the voting is to take place.
Article VIII–Ratification
  • This constitution shall become effective immediately following its acceptance by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership.
Approved – 4 April 2012




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