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Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station

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Experiment Station Farm, Greenhouse, and Garden Advisory Committee
Eric Gallandt, Chair (RF, PSE) 1-2933
Frank Drummond (BHF, SBE/UMCE) 1-2989
Renae Moran (HF, PSE/UMCE) 933-2100
Stephanie Burnett (Clapp G., PSE) 1-2937
Robert Causey (WF, AVS) 1-2782
Greg Porter (AF, PSE) 1-2943
John Jemison (RF, UMCE) 1-3241
Jim Dill (RF, UMCE) 1-3879
Brad Libby – Superintendent (Clapp G.) 1-3112
Jake Dyer – Superintendent (WC) 1-2793

Aroostook Farm Advisory Committee
Greg Porter, Chair (PSE) 1-2943
Andrei Alyokhin (SBE) 1-2977
Dave Lambert (PSE) 1-2988
James Dwyer (UMCE) 764-3361
Randy Smith 762-8281

Blueberry Hill Farm Advisory Committee
Frank Drummond, Chair (SBE/UMCE) 1-2989
Jack Smagula (PSE) 1-2925
Dave Yarborough (PSE/UMCE) 1-2923
Seanna Annis (SBE) 1-2621
Jeff Brann 434-2291

Witter Center Advisory Committee
Rogers Farm Local Committee:
Eric Gallandt, Chair (PSE) 1-2933
Ellen Mallory (UMCE/PSE) 1-2942
Marianne Sarrantonio (PSE) 1-2913
John Jemison (UMCE) 1-3241
Jake Dyer 1-2793
Witter Farm Local Committee:
Martin Stokes, Chair (AVS) 1-2770
James Weber (AVS) 1-2774
David Marcinkowski (UMCE/AVS) 1-2740
Robert Causey (AVS) 1-2782
Jake Dyer 1-2793

Highmoor Farm Advisory Committee 933-2100
David Handley, Chair (UMCE)
Mark Hutchison (UMCE)
Mark Hutton (PSE/UMCE)
Renae Moran (PSE/UMCE)
Greg Koller

Greenhouse/Garden Advisory Committee
Stephanie Burnett, Chair (Clapp G., PSE) 1-2937
Benildo de los Reyes (Shur, SBE) 1-2564
Donglin Zhang (Clapp G./Garden, PSE) 1-2918
Lois Berg Stack (UMCE/PSE) 1-2949
Brad Libby 1-3112

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