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What’s New? 

The transcript for the 2014 Canadian/U.S. Lobstermen’s Town Meeting is now uploaded on this site.  Click here to go to Reports & Manuals.


Who we are:

Proudly working with and serving the lobster industry from New York to Newfoundland since 1987, the core of the Lobster Institute mission is to sustain both the lobster resource and a viable lobster fishery… through conservation, outreach, research and education. Located at The University of Maine, the Lobster Institute is the only organization of it kind. It was founded jointly by Maine’s lobster industry associations and the University – and quickly spread to be an international presence. We now work for and with lobstermen and all sectors of the lobster industry from Long Island Sound to Newfoundland.

The Lobster Institute is the source of information about all things lobster. Here are just some of the many things you can do on our Web site:

The Latest Addition to our Site:

Click here to see a new piece in our Education section about Colorful Lobsters.

Introducing our “Give Back” Partner Providers — These generous merchants are “giving back” a portion of the proceeds from sales of their lobster-related products as a donation to the Lobster Institute. Your support of these merchants supports the Lobster Institute. Please click here and take a look.

To learn about sustainable lobster fishing practices click on the link above.

We also invite you to visit our Featured Photos section and add your photos to our collection. Latest photo added 01/11/10

As always, please contact us directly for any information you are unable to find on our site.

We also encourage you to visit the sites of our industry supporters and sponsors who help to make this site possible. Click here for a list with Web links.

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