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Faculty - William H. TeBrake

Adelaide & Alan Bird Professor of HistoryWTeBrake

Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 1975

My primary teaching field is the history of medieval Europe, which I cover in an introductory course on medieval civilization (HTY 202) and in a two-course sequence, The Early Middle Ages (HTY 403) and The Late Middle Ages (HTY 404).  In addition, I teach the first half of European Civilization (HTY 105) and, from time to time, an introduction to the graduate study of History (HTY 647: Historiography and Methodology).  Finally, I offer an undergraduate research seminar (HTY 311), the Department’s Senior Seminar (HTY 498), as well as a graduate seminar on Pre-Modern Europe (HTY 517) on a regular rotation.  From 1988 to 1996 I served as the Graduate Coordinator of the Department and from 1997 to 2003 as the chair of the Department.  My area of research is the Social and Environmental History of Europe, with a particular emphasis on the Low Countries.

Selected Publications:

  • Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland [Water Board Rijnland], Registers OAR 11, 12, 13: 1253-1564 (Leiden, NL: Vereniging Jan van Hout, 2006) —
  • Medieval Frontier: Culture and Ecology in Rijnland, Environmental History Series, Number Seven (College Station: Texas A & M University Press, 1985), xiv, 293 pp [reissued in paper, 2000].
  • A Plague of Insurrection: Popular Politics and Peasant Revolt in Flanders, 1323-1328, Middle Ages Series (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993), vii, 169 pp.
  • “Land Reclamation and Public Environmental Policy in Medieval Holland,” Environmental Review, 12 (Fall 1988 [1989]): 75-93
  • “Crime and Punishment in Rural Holland During the Late Fourteenth Century” Tijdschrift voor sociale geschiedenis, 19 (1993): 1-23
  • “Rural Communities and Hydraulic Institutions in Late Medieval Holland,” in La société rurale et les institutions gouvernementales au moyen âge: actes du colloque de Montréal 13-15 mai, 1993, ed. John Drendel (Montréal: CERES, 1995), pp. 149-60
  • “Hydraulic Engineering in the Netherlands During the Middle Ages,” in Working with Water in Medieval Europe: Technology and Resource Use, ed. Paolo Squatriti, Technology and Change in History, 3 (Leiden: Brill, 2000), pp. 101-127.
  • “Netherlands,” in Medieval Archaeology: An Encyclopedia, ed. Pam J. Crabtree (New York: Garland Publishing, 2001), pp. 230-3
  • “Taming the Waterwolf: Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management in the Netherlands During the Middle Ages,” Technology and Culture, 43 (2002): 475-99.

Work in Progress:

  • “The Commons at Work: Collective Management of Land Drainage in Late-Medieval Holland” — book-length project

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