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Course Descriptions: Spring 2014 - HTY 398 (002): Ethnohistory of Native North America

Instructor:  Micah Pawling

Time:  Thursdays; 4:00 – 6:30 pm

41-72-10/20 T2377

Caption: “Drawing of Indians of several nations, New Orleans, pen and ink by Alexandre de Batz, 1735.”

Description:  What is ethnohistory?  First coined over a half century ago, this cooperative undertaking employs methodologies from both history and anthropology. The course examines this innovative method to better understand Native American perspectives through time.  It explores how ethnohistory and research on American Indian communities have changed across the North American continent.  Chosen research projects will reevaluate written sources and consult additional evidence to gain Native viewpoints. Readings address more recent developments in ethnohistory including oral histories, current political events, and collaboration with indigenous communities.

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