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Course Descriptions: Fall 2013 - HTY 521: Canada and the United States

Instructor:  S.W. See

Time:  Wednesday, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Description:  This course explores the historical relations of the Canadian and American nations and examines the major determinants influencing their interrelationships since the late eighteenth century. The purpose of the course is twofold: 1) to familiarize students with the major events that have shaped Canadian-American relations, and 2) to use Canadian-American history as an analytical model for exploring international relationships. In order to accomplish these goals, students will explore a broad range of historical literature, as well as relevant works in the social sciences.

The course begins with a discussion of the theories of Canadian-American relations. During ensuing weeks we will continue to assess these theories by viewing them in light of historical evidence gleaned from the readings. The concluding sessions focus on the important issues and trends in Canadian-American relations since World War II. Thus the course begins with current theories and concerns, turns to the past for the antecedents to contemporary issues and ideas, and then focuses on the postwar decades for a comprehensive probe into North American affairs.

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