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Course Descriptions: Fall 2013 - HTY 433: Greek and Roman Mythology

Instructor:  Jay Bregman

Time:  Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:15 p.m.

Description:  Myths present the basic patterns of cultures and the human psyche.  They have been studied extensively by Humanists and Social Scientists with the hope of understanding these basic human structures.

In our culture, the Myths of Greece and Rome especially display continued relevance, despite the fact that the cults attached to them have been placed by Biblical religions.

Though we – at least in certain circles in America – and generally, in Europe, look at ourselves as enlightened and rational, somehow Myth continues to play a role in our psychological and social lives.  It has been suggested that the sources of artistic and scientific creativity and the sources of Myth are the same.  These and other ideas & concerns, along with the good stories provided by the Myths themselves, comprise the course material.

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