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Maine Business School

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Faculty and Research - Welcomer

Stephanie Welcomer

Phone: 207-581-1968


DP Corbett, Maine Business School
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5723

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (1997)

Associate Professor Management and Associate Dean

Teaching Areas:
Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


“How to Communicate with Farmers about Climate Change:  Farmers’ Perceptions and Adaptations to Increasingly Variable Weather Patterns in Maine,” with John Jemison, Damon Hall and Jane Haskell, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development.  Forthcoming.

“A cross cultural assessment of three theories of pro environmental behavior: A comparison of Chile and the United States,” 2011. with Mark Cordano, Robert Scherer, Lorena Pradena and Victor Parada.  Environment & Behavior,  43(5): 634 – 657.

“Reinventing vs. Restoring Sustainability in the Maine Woods: Narratives of Progress and Decline,” 2010. Organization & Environment. 23(1): 55-75.

“Understanding cultural differences in the antecedents of pro-environmental behavior: A comparative analysis of business students in the United States and Chile,” with Mark Cordano, Robert Scherer, Lorena Pradena and Victor Parada. 2010. Journal of Environmental Education. 41(04): 224–238.

“Strategic Planning,” with Kenneth Nichols. 2009.The Handbook of Technology Management, 3 Volume Set, Hossein Bidgoli, Editor-in-Chief, Copyright  John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, N.J, 07030.

“Tied to the Past – Bound to the Future: Ceremonial Encapsulation in a Maine Woods Land Use Policy,” with Mark Haggerty. 2007. Journal of Economic Issues. 41(2): 383-390.

“Who Speaks for the Trees?  Voice and Legitimacy for a Sustainable World,” with L. M. Sama, S. A. Welcomer, and V. W. Gerde.  2004.  New Perspectives in Research on Corporate Sustainability: Stakeholders, Environment and Society, Editors Sanjay Sharma and Mark Starik, Edgar Elgar Publishing.

“An Analysis of the Predictive Validity of the New Ecological Paradigm Scale,” with Mark Cordano and Robert F. Scherer. 2003.  Journal of Environmental Education, 34(3): 22-29.

“For the Collective Good? Free Market Claims for Hazardous Waste,” with Mark Haggerty.  2003. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, 5(1).

“Constructing a Web: Effects of Power and Social Responsiveness on Firm-Stakeholder Relationships,” with Philip L. Cochran, Gordon Rands, and Mark Haggerty. 2003. Business & Society, 42(1): 43-82.

“Superfund: The Ascendance of Enabling Myths,” with Mark Haggerty. 2003. Journal of Economic Issues, 37(2): 451-457.

“Power and Social Behavior: A Structuration Approach to Stakeholder Networks,” with Philip L. Cochran and Virginia Gerde.  2003. Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking, Greenleaf Publishing.  Editors Joerg Andriof, Sandra Waddock, Sandra Rahman, and Bryan Husted.

“Resisting the Discourse of Modernity: Rationality Versus Emotion in the Siting of Hazardous Waste,” with Dennis A. Gioia and Martin Kilduff. 2000.  Human Relations, 53(9): 1175-1205.

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