Other Random Things About Me

I’m intrigued by paradox, enjoy doing new things, and will try most things twice. People tend to either love or hate me and, unlike most, I don’t mind that this is the case. Friends and family are very important to me, as is being true to what I believe. I love conversation (there’s nothing like a good debate), music (don’t play it but enjoy making it sound good), eating (I love food, except olives (of all sizes and shapes)) and beer (except for American lagers—which really aren’t beer anyway). I greatly enjoy philosophy; my main philosophical interests are matters of mind/brain, objective/subjective distinctions, perceptual boundaries/asymmetries and sensory deprivation (I admit it, I used to own a sensory deprivation tank). I think best when not having to fight the inexorable forces of gravity; a realization that has led me to own more pieces of reclining furniture than anybody else I know. Despite this predilection for reclining, I greatly enjoy being active, especially doing outdoor activities. I have a custom-built recumbent tandem bike which I like to speed on. I also enjoy hiking and camping, although I don’t get to do it enough.