Nicholas Giudice

Headshot of Dr. Nicholas Giudice. He is wearing a blue striped shirt and a navy blue blazer.

Dr. Nicholas A. Giudice, III.

 My CV

 Brief Bio

I did my undergraduate training at Providence College, Rhode Island and received my Ph.D. in the Cognitive and Brain Sciences program from the University of Minnesota. I started at the University of Maine in 2008 and am currently an Associate Professor of Spatial Informatics in the School of Computing and Information Science. I am the founding Director and currently Director Emeritus of the Virtual Environments and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Laboratory. For more information about me and my research, please check out the following links.

 Research Statement and Contributions

My research philosophy is that good science should strive to be both theoretically motivated and functionally relevant. To this end, my research program provides a unique bridge between traditional spatial cognition research and interface design. My work draws on multiple disciplinary domains in the study of how spatial information is learned, represented in memory, and acted upon using multiple inputs (audition, language, touch, and vision) by both blind and sighted people, as well as the design of multimodal information access technologies to facilitate these endeavors. This page provides a brief overview of my research program and highlights a few areas where I believe my work has made the greatest scientific contribution and had the broadest impact.

 Summary Metrics

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