Self-Designed Option

The Bachelor of University Studies Self-Designed Option provides an opportunity for students who would benefit from a custom tailored, interdisciplinary program of study.  Many adults who have some higher-education experience but no bachelor’s degree find that life circumstances or interests militate against a traditional major and/or study on the Orono campus.  Often family, job, and other responsibilities do not allow a full-time program of study; many students with interests in an interdisciplinary approach to professional, personal, or civic goals are looking for a focus that encourages them to develop a program of study that encompasses their interests. Students have been benefiting from this unique, part-time, individualized approach toward their education since 1975.

An academic advisor works with the students one-on-one throughout the program to ensure the academic interests and degree requirements.   Each student enrolls in UST 100: Introduction to the Bachelor of University Studies, to custom design the degree plan.  This course includes career development and resources available to the student through the University of Maine.  Students complete the individualized track within the Bachelor of University Studies for many reasons:

  • To fulfill personal goals
  • To facilitate career change
  • To promote career advancement
  • To prepare for Graduate studies
  • To satisfy their love for learning

To earn your Bachelor of University Studies degree you will need to:

  • Create an individualized degree plan through UST 100, Introduction to the Bachelor of University Studies which is then approved by the B.U.S.  Committee.
  • Earn a minimum of 120 credit hours toward graduation with a cumulative UMaine GPA of at least a 2.0.
  • Satisfy UMaine’s General Education requirements.
  • Satisfy the UMaine residency requirements.
  • Complete 30 credits of 300/400-level from UMaine coursework or equivalent transfer coursework.

B.U.S.  students in the individualized track have the option to pursue an academic minor in a variety of academic subjects.  The student’s academic counselor can provide more detailed information.