Author: acrabtree

Walter Jean Grenier II

One of the most important and enduring facets of my life has been my education. I consider that my formal education began in 1961 when I enrolled at the University of Illinois, in Champaign. It was a wondrous experience for me at the age of 17, and the exposure to biological sciences, literature, the French […]

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Kathy Hill

The start of a college experience can be daunting for anyone; however, for the non-traditional student who probably has not studied for years, it can be downright frightening!  Not only do we worry about academic success, but we also wonder how we will fit in with all of the traditional students and how we will […]

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Brian Mullis

My first semester at the University of Maine was the fall of 1989 just after getting off active duty in the Navy. After four years as a Navy Corpsman, my plan was to get a biology degree and go to medical school. After a few semesters and a recall for military service, (I stayed active […]

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