New UMSS20 Event Date: October 2, 2020

The Symposium day will feature a live stream broadcast and opportunities for interactions/meetings via Zoom. Accessibility guidelines will be satisfied at every stage of the process, and enhanced concern for copyright issues observed in light of this new online Symposium format. Students will have until August 21st to record their presentations for participation in the Virtual UMSS20.

Virtual UMaine Student Symposium 2020

The new Virtual UMaine Student Symposium presents both challenges and opportunities to all of us, as we plan for this exciting new format. Student presenters will be asked to record their presentations as a video, with slides and audio, via PowerPoint, then fill out the presentation Google form and upload the video. 

For instructions for creating your recorded presentation please visit the Virtual Presentation Guidelines webpage

Timeline for UMSS20:

August 21, 2020: Deadline for students to record presentation videos and share link
September: Judging opened throughout the month
October 2, 2020:  Event day, activities, special content, awards ceremony and more!