Laura Curioli, in UMaine graduation regalia, leaning against the pillar of a campus building.

UMSS23 Student Profile: Laura Curioli

“Always research something that really grabs your interest. Don’t skip topics just because they’re obscure or maybe not as well-known. Your love for a topic will really fuel your eagerness to learn and discover.” Recent UMaine graduate Laura Curioli has been involved with research since her freshman year and has taken her own advice to […]

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Mary Milligan

UMSS23 Student Profile: Mary Milligan

Mary Milligan was first exposed to research when she was named a Maine Top Scholar and was introduced to advisors in the chemistry department at UMaine. After talking with several professors she found a research project that piqued her interest. Milligan says, “since then, I have been able to apply a lot of the skills […]

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