Jordan Miner

Imaging Zebrafish with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using Second-Harmonic Generation to Evaluate Myosin Structure


I am studying muscular dystrophy with zebrafish test subjects.

Muscular dystrophy is an incurable neuromuscular disease, and these individuals, they’re unsure if they should exercise or not. And so my research is going to be imaging zebra fish that have muscular dystrophy and those that don’t. And comparing the results, using stimulated training responses, hopefully we can determine the best course of action a person with muscular dystrophy should take.

I am a very big people person. I love to help people and animals as well. Studying a disease that is currently incurable, being a part of this, something that’s this big, and having an impact on multiple people, not just in the state of Maine, possibly U.S. or worldwide, would make a huge difference.

It’s been an amazing experience for me. There’s some projects that I would never have even known about if I hadn’t have partaken in research. I am very excited to present it at the UMaine Research Symposium. I’ve never presented at a conference before, so this is my first time experience, so I’m super excited to see what it’s all about and to also learn about more research that’s going around on campus.