Drop/Withdrawal Refund Policy

Be sure to consider both the academic and the financial consequences of dropping your Summer University course.

  • It is important to familiarize yourself with the MaineStreet calendar icons that will provide you with specific deadline dates.

student center icon location screenshot

  • When you click the calendar icon, you will be given specific academic and financial deadline dates that will determine your outcome.

academic calendar deadlines screenshot

There is no graduated refund available for Summer University courses. If dropped by the financial deadline date, 100% tuition will be refunded.
screen shot showing no graduated refundFinancial deadlines for Summer University courses will follow these guidelines:
  • The number of weeks the course is in session determines the number of days you will have to drop your course without penalty. For example:  A six-week course will have 6 days in which to drop and receive a refund; a three-week course will have 3 days, and so on.
  • If you are unable to drop your Summer University course by the stated academic or financial deadline, please refer to University of Maine policy regarding appeals of drop penalties: “Students who cease attendance, in any or all of their classes, without providing official notification are not entitled to a refund. If a student ceases attendance for emergency reasons, the University will accept a written appeal. Normally, appeals will be considered up to 90 days after the close of the term for which the student is requesting a financial adjustment.”
  • In order to appeal your penalty, please send a detailed email and any supporting documents to dlladvising@maine.edu. Your account will be researched, and a recommendation will be presented to the Bursar’s Office for a final decision.

For more detailed information about dropping any courses, please visit the Bursar’s Office webpage.