Academic Deadlines

Once you are enrolled in a summer class, go to your MaineStreet Student Services Center.  Look in the menu on the left side under Enrollment for  “My Class Schedule”  and double-click on it.  This will open to “Class Schedule Filter Options.”  Be sure that “Show enrolled classes” is checked.  Look in the far right column in the chart, labeled “Deadlines.”   For each summer course you are taking, you will see a tiny calendar icon.  Double click on that for the particulars on deadlines for dropping and withdrawing from that course, with the effect on your academic transcript for meeting and missing the deadlines.  You should make a note of these in your personal calendar, because you are responsible for knowing the deadlines and the consequences of missing deadlines.  If an emergency prevents you from meeting a deadline, please contact the Division of Lifelong Learning to ask for an exception at 207.581.3143.  Deadlines for refunds associated with dropping or withdrawing from summer classes can be found on the UMaine Bursar’s website.