Blue Sky Student Life Initiatives

In year three of the Blue Sky Project, the focus is on integrating the plan’s strategies and goals into the organizational structure of the university. Just as the Blue Sky Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive process, integration will emerge through collaboration.

In Progress Blue Sky Student Life Initiatives:

  • Improving retention and graduation rates (Pathway 2) (Shared with Academic Affairs)
  • Optimize the internship and co-op opportunities for UMaine students, creating the “Flagship Internship Program” (Pathway 4) (Shared with Innovation and Economic Development)
  • Explore and develop a Master Plan for Enhancing Student Residential Life through possible innovative public-private partnerships (Pathway 4)
  • Develop a 20-year residential housing plan to revitalize options for UMaine undergraduate and graduate students (Pathway 5) (Shared with Administration and Finance)

Emerging Blue Sky Student Life Initiatives:

  • Align the 2012 Division of Student Life strategic plan (STRIDES) with the salient Blue Sky initiatives in Pathways 1-5 (Pathway 4)
  • Launch the Greek Initiative-featuring Sorority Village and the Fraternity & Sorority Village Concept Award Project-to grow and strengthen the undergraduate experience and the spirit of community across the entire campus (Pathway 4)
  • Implement recommendations from the President’s Best Practices Working Group regarding conversion and expansion of Safe Campus project functions to the Sexual Violence Response, Education, and Prevention Program. (Pathway 4)
  • Initiate long range plan to improve the student experience by upgrading Memorial Union (Pathway 4)

More detail about Student Life accomplishments can be read in the Annual Report, Blue Sky Impacts. Specific documents related to Blue Sky Initiatives can be read in the Blue Sky Archive.