Be an Active Bystander

Good Samaritan and Medical Amnesty

Good Samaritan Laws encourage students to be an active bystander and call for help when necessary. At the end of the day, we can you safe. Good Samaritan exists to minimize barriers that prevent students from calling for help in alcohol or drug related emergencies on campus. UMaine looks at each case individually to determine educational components and other terms of compliance. 

Visit this link for more information of the Good Samaritan program. 

How to be an Active Bystander: 5 steps to intervene safely

  1. Notice the event: stay aware of your surroundings
  2. Interpret the situation: is there a problem, or is their discomfort with one or more of the parties involved? 
  3. Assume personal responsibility: if you don’t help, who will? Know how to help and understand your limits
  4. Take Action: ensure your safety, and take a stand. Report to campus resources if necessary
  5. Take a Bystander intervention training!

Reach out for help & Connect with resources

UMaine Police Department: 911 / 207.581.4040

Counseling Center: 207.581.1392

Cutler Health: 207.581.4000

Office of Community Standards, Rights, & Responsibilities: 207.581.1406

Office of Title IX: 207.581.1406

Office for Diversity and Inclusion: 207.581.1437

Student Wellness Resource Center: 207.581.1423

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