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Looking to advertise? Here are some ways you can do it:

News Flush: The News Flush is a monthly publication that hangs in the bathroom stalls of the Memorial Union. It is also posted electronically on our Facebook page.

What do I submit? The event’s time, location, and date.

How do I submit? Fill out our News Flush form HERE!

When do I submit? Please submit event information by the 20th of the month prior to the one you are looking to advertise for. For example: if you want your event in the April News Flush, please submit information by March 20th.

Social Media: The Center for Student Involvement is on Facebook and Instagram. You can submit event and information flyers to be posted to either of those sites.

What do I submit? .png or .jpeg file, square flyers for Instagram, and any links to related site or event page.

How do I submit? Email the event’s information to


Memorial Union Electronic Boards: Electronic boards for advertising are located by the Wade Center on the first floor of the Memorial Union.

What do I submit? .png or .jpeg file, 7.5″x13.3″ high resolution ad, and the timespan of desired time to be posted.

How do I submit? Email information to

Residence Hall Posting Policy

University departments and campus student organizations may submit signs or posters to be posted in the residence halls and villages by dropping off materials to the Office of Residence Life, 3rd floor Memorial Union. Non-University sponsored events may not be posted within the residence halls and villages.

Please follow these guidelines for posting materials:

  1. All materials must include specific times and dates of the event and phone number of a contact person(s).
  2. Please allow staff up to 72 hours to post your materials. Local restaurants providing delivery service to campus residence halls and villages may distribute delivery menus to resident students through the Office of Residence Life. Menus will be placed in lobbies for access to students. NO door-to-door sales, solicitation or posting is allowed, with the following exception: Student Election Candidates – Candidates for Student Senate may apply for a permit for the candidate and one resident student escort to campaign door-to-door. Persons in the hall without appropriate reason and posting signs may be considered trespassing. Persons who do not follow the above guidelines may jeopardize future access to posting in residence halls and villages.

Chalking Policy

  1. Chalking may only be used to advertise events/activities occurring on University property unless an exception is made by Campus Activities (Director or their designee).
  2. Chalking is permitted only on concrete or paved walkways at least thirty (30) feet from buildings.
  3. Chalking is NOT permitted on bricks, steps, or vertical surfaces.
  4. Only non-permanent (water soluble) sidewalk chalk may be used. Paint, spray/adhesive chalks, markers, or inks are not permitted.
  5. Chalking is done on a first-come, first-served basis (no reservations for space or locations).

Tips for advertising:

  • Banner in the Atrium, call  581-1760 or stop by the Info Booth for clearance.  Groups are responsible for creating their own banner.
  • Announce it in class (with your professor’s permission), bring flyers to class, or write the info in the corner of the chalk boards.
  • Take out an advertisement in the student newspaper, The Maine Campus. For costs, please contact The Maine Campus.
  • List your upcoming event in the Maine Campus Community Calendar for free. For more info contact The Maine Campus.
  • Reserve a table to sit at in the Union, call 581-1406 or stop by 315 Memorial Union for more information or to sign up.
  • Hand out flyers. (Using unusual colors or sizes of paper catches people’s attention.)
  • Post on the Bulletin Boards in the Union, outside the Union, Library, Classrooms. Please see campus posting policy for guidelines.
    • Public bulletin board locations:Neville hall (cork board), Lord Hall (cork board), Shibles Hall (cork board), Little Hall (cork board), Barrows Hall, Bennett Hall, & Library
  • WMEB, the UMaine radio station, does Campus Announcements, call the Music Office 581-4341. WMEB also does remote location broadcasting.
  • Word of mouth: Your own excitement may be the best publicity for your event!
  • Contests and giveaways will attract people to your event, be sure to include this information on all posters/flyers/etc…
  • Utilize a variety of methods when advertising. Posters may reach the biggest audience, but using other kinds of advertising will make your event stand out.
  • What should you include in ALL of you advertising? Event title, date, time, location, admission costs, contact information, sponsor(s) name, and a brief description of the event.