How Financial Aid is Determined

The types and amounts of aid in your award are based on a number of factors. Continue reading for further explanation on how your estimated financial aid eligibility is calculated.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Calculated using the information on your FAFSA. The EFC is used by our office to determine the types and amounts of financial aid for which you qualify.


The tuition and fee rate at which you will be billed:

  • Resident
  • Non-Resident
  • Non-Resident E-Tuition

Housing Plans

This is based on your answers to the housing plans question on the FAFSA:

  • On-Campus
  • Off-Campus
  • With Parent

Grade Level

Based on the number of credits earned and determines the amount of federal student loans in your award.

Dependency Status

Your answers to the questions on the FAFSA determine whether you are considered a dependent or independent student. This affects the types and amounts of financial aid for which you are eligible.


Your award is based on an enrollment of 15 credits per semester. If you plan to enroll in fewer than 15 credits, it is important to report your anticipated credit load in MaineStreet, as adjustments to your financial aid may be required.