We made a mistake!

The most recently published School of Performing Arts E-Newsletter had a pretty big mistake. Oops! Thanks for letting us know. What would we do without you?

     Here’s the truth. The Maine Steiners is the male al cappella group that consists of auditioned University Singer’s members, not the Black Bear Men’s Chorus. However both are great and have upcoming performance dates!
     The Black Bear Men’s Chorus is comprised of students, faculty, staff and members from the surrounding community. The “BBMC” is dedicated to a wide variety of traditional accompanied and a cappella men’s choral repertoire. The group is going to perform on April 26th at 2 p.m. in Minsky Recital Hall, later this semester. Tickets are only $9 or free with a Student MaineCard. Don’t worry we’ll remind you as it gets closer.  
     The Maine Steiners, on the other hand, is UMaine’s premier all male a cappella group. Founded in 1957, The Maine Steiners is the oldest a cappella group on campus. Steiners is a completely student-run and directed organization and is a collective of 7-14 men that are auditioned from the University Singers. The Singers, (Francis John Vogt, University Singers; Oratorio Society, director) is currently wrapping up its 2015 Spring Concert Tour.
     Steiners act as crusaders for young male singers everywhere. Their goal is to share a love of music and a passion for singing, in hopes of inspiring young individuals to pursue a life-long commitment to musical learning and enjoyment.
     For your opportunity to see these lads in action, check out the University Singers on March 21 at 7:30 p.m. or on March 22 at 2 p.m. Both Singer’s performances are going to take place in Minsky Recital Hall admission is only $9 or free with a Student MaineCard.  
     Whew! Glad we got that cleared up. Thanks again and enjoy the snow. Oops. Enjoy the show!