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Faculty and Staff

Karen Moffett, Administrative Assistant
Office: Winslow Hall 206
Phone: 207.581.3154

Shelley Rollins, Administrative Assistant
Office: Winslow Hall 206
Phone: 207.581.3150

Director and Professor Mario Teisl
Ph.D. Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
Research:Information Economics; Food safety; Environmental and Social Marketing; Environmental Economics
Office: 200 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3162

Professor Kathleen P. Bell
Ph.D. Economics, University of Maryland
Research: Environmental Economics; Public Economics; Land Economics; Sustainability Science
Office: 302 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3156

Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator Travis Blackmer
M.A. Financial Economics, University of Maine
Research: Materials and Solid Waste Management; Sustainability Science
Phone: 207.581.3155
Office: 200 Winslow Hall

Associate Professor James Breece
Ph.D. Economics, Boston College
Research: Macroeconomics; International Economics; Forecasting
Office: 200A Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3184

Assistant Professor Andrew Crawley
Ph.D., Economics, University of Glamorgan
Research: Regional Economic Development, Economic Impact, Economic Modelling
Office: 207 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3164

Assistant Professor Angela Daley
Ph.D., Economics, Dalhousie University
Research: Health and Labor Economics, Poverty and Inequality, Social Policy, Children and Families, Rural and Remote Communities including Aboriginal Peoples
Office: 307 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3159

Assistant Professor Keith S. Evans
Ph.D., Economics, Iowa State University
Research: Rights-Based Fisheries Management; Cooperation in the Commons; Marine Aquaculture; Nonmarket Valuation; Applied Econometrics.
Office: 302 Winslow Hall and 210A Libby Hall
Phone: 207.581.3178 and 207.581.4324

Professor Todd Gabe
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Ohio State University
Research: Regional and Community Economic Development; Public Finance
Office: 200 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3307

Professor Gary Hunt
Ph.D. Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder
Research: Migration, Energy, Regional Economic Growth/Development
Office: Suite 200 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.1861

Assistant Professor Sharon J.W. Klein
Ph.D. Engineering & Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
Research: Interdisciplinary Energy Analysis (Engineering-Economic Assessment, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis), Renewable Energy Economics and Policy, Solar Energy, Community Solar, Biofuels
Office: 305 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3174

Professor James McConnon
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University
Research: Regional and Community Economic Development; Innovation; Small Business Management
Office: 115 Libby Hall
Phone: 207.581.3165

Associate Professor Michael Montgomery
Ph.D. Economics, University of Florida
Research: Macroeconomics; Monetary Theory; Austrian Economics
Office: 230 Stevens Hall
Phone: 207.581.1852

Assistant Professor Caroline Noblet
Ph.D. Economic Psychology, University of Maine
Research: Environmental Behavior and  Motivation; Economic Psychology; Information Processing
Office: 207 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3172

Professor Jonathan Rubin
Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis
Research: Environmental Regulation and Design; Economics of Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicles; Economics of Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Office: 305 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.1528

Instructor and Lecturer Sharon Tisher
J.D. Harvard Law School
Research: Environmental Law
Office: 307 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3158

Professor Philip Trostel
Ph.D. Economics, Texas A & M University
Research: Human Capital and Savings; Public Economics; Labor Economics
Office: 315A Stevens Hall
Phone: 207.581.1822 or 207.581-1651

Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator Tim Waring
Ph.D. Human Ecology, University of California, Davis
Research: Sustainability, Cultural Evolution, Human Culture and Cooperation
Office: 200 Winslow Hall
Phone: 207.581.3157


Affiliated Graduate Faculty, Ewa J. Kleczyk
Ph.D. Economics,Virginia Tech, 2008
Research: Health Economics, Pharmacuetical Product Life Cycle Management Analytics, and Healthcare Policy Impact Evaluation
Phone: 215.444.8806

Cooperating faculty

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Christine Beitl
Ph.D. Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, University of Georgia, 2012
Research: Intersections of Socio-Political, Ecological, and Economic Systems, Forest Landscape Management & Economics
Office: S. Stevens Hall, Rm. 228A
Telephone: 207.581.1893
Fax: 207.581.1823

Assistant Professor Mindy Crandall
Ph.D.Applied Economics, Minor in Forest Resources, Oregon State University
Research: Forest Management, Forest Products Markets, Alternative Economic Development
Office: 243 Nutting Hall
Phone: 207.581.2855

Assistant Professor of Nature-based Tourism Sandra De Urioste-Stone
Ph.D. University of Idaho
Research: Sustainable tourism planning and evaluation, Climate change and sustainable rural livelihoods, Community resilience and vitality, Collaborative natural resource management
Office: 237 Nutting Hall
Phone: 207.581.2885

Assistant Professor in Economic Anthropology Cynthia Isenhour
Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Kentucky
Research: Economic and Environmental Anthropology; Consumption; Embodied Energy and Emissions; Climate Change Adaptation; Environmental Load Displacement; Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Environmental Governance; Global Cities
Office: 230 Stevens Hall
Phone: 207.581.1895

Associate Professor of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Jessica Leahy
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Research: Outcomes-Focused Management of Family Forests; Public Attitudes Toward Forests and Forestry; Individual and Community Benefits of Citizen Science
Office: 241 Nutting Hall
Phone: 207.581.2875

Assistant Professor of Political Economy Kristin Vekasi
PhD, MA University of Wisconsin, Madison
Research: International political economy, China & Japan, foreign direct investment
Office: 111 North Stevens
Phone: 207.581.1876

Emeriti faculty

David Clark, Professor
Wally Dunham, Professor
Thomas Duchesneau, Professor
Mark Lutz, Professor
David Wihry, Associate Professor
Stewart Smith, Professor
Mark Anderson, Senior Instructor
Hsiang-Tai Cheng, Professor
Stephen Reiling, Professor

Jack Lavery 
Senior Executive Fellow in Financial Economics