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AmbioTherm: Simulating Ambient Temperatures and Wind Conditions in VR Environments08/2018Ranasinghe N
Pravar Jain
David Tolley
Shienny Karwita
Shi Yilei
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Sensing the future of HCI: touch, taste, and smell user interfaces.08/2018Ranasinghe N
Marianna Obrist
Carlos Velasco
Chi Vi
Ali Israr
Adrian Cheok
Charles Spence
Ponnampalam Gopalakrishnakone
Virtual ingredients for food and beverages to create immersive taste experiences.08/2018Ranasinghe N
Kuan-Yi Lee
Gajan Suthokumar
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Digital Lollipop: Studying Electrical Stimulation on the Human Tongue to Simulate Taste Sensations.08/2018Ranasinghe N
Ellen Yi-Luen Do
From Data Streams to Fields: Extending Stream Data Models with Field Data Types08/2018Nittel S
Liang Q
Hahmann T
What goes unseen in accessible publishing: Good practice and remaining gaps08/2018Giudice N.A
Gies T
Boucherie S
Narup T
Wise A
Visual, tangible, and touch-screen: Comparison of platforms for displaying simple graphics08/2018Giudice N.A
Gershon P
Klatzky R. L
Palani H.P
Immersive virtual reality simulation as a tool for aging and driving research.08/2018Giudice U
Giudice N.A
Corey R.R
Bennett C.R
Evaluation of non-visual zooming operations on touchscreen devices.08/2018Giudice U
Giudice N.A
Palani H.P
Assessment of visualization interfaces for assisting the development of multi-level cognitive maps.08/2018Giudice N.A
Giudice U
Corey R.R
Li H
Late Noachian Icy Highlands ice flow synthesis.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Younger Dryas paleoenvironments and ice dynamics in northern Maine: A multi-proxy, case history.08/2018Fastook J.L
Dieffenbacher-Krall A.C
Borns Jr H.W
Nurse A.M
Langley G.E.C
Birkel S
Cwynar L.C
Doner L.A
Dorion C.C
Jacobson Jr G.L
Sayles C
The Dorsa Argentea Formation and the Noachian- Hesperian Transition: Climate and Glacial Flow Modeling08/2018Scanlon K.E
Head J
Fastook J.L
Wordsworth R.D
Modeling erroneous human behavior: A context-driven approach.08/2018Turner R.M
Wilson C
Sources of water for groundwater-fed outflow channels on Mars: Implications of the Late Noachian “Icy Highlands” model for melting and groundwater recharge on the Tharsis Rise.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Cassanelli J.P
Sources of water for the outflow channels on Mars: Implications of the Late Noachian “Icy Highlands” Model for melting and groundwater recharge on the Tharsis Rise.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Cassanelli J.P
Glaciation in the Late Noachian Icy Highlands: Ice accumulation, distribution, flow rates, basal melting and top-down melting rates and patterns.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Late Noachian Icy Highlands: Scenarios for top-down melting and volumes of meltwater.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Late Noachian Icy Highlands: Spatial distribution of top-down melting and volumes of meltwater for single year warming events.08/2018Fastook J.L
Head J
Sheet, stream, and shelf flow as progressive ice-bed uncoupling: Byrd Glacier, Antarctica, and Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland.08/2018Fastook J.L
Hughes T
Sargent A
Purdon K
Li J
Yan J.B
Gogineni S
Modeling Regulatory Ambiguities for Requirements Analysis11/2017Ghanavati S
E. Holtgrefe
A. K. Massey
Toward an Approach to Privacy Notices in IoT09/2017Ghanavati S
P. Shayegh
FOL-based Approach for Improving Legal-GRL Modeling Framework – A Case for Requirements Engineering of Legal Regulations of Social Media09/2017Ghanavati S
A. Rabinia
Argumentation-based Methodology for Goal-oriented Requirements Language (GRL)06/2017Ghanavati S
F. Bex
M. van Zee
Semi-formal Evaluation of Architecture Design Based on Architecture Principles06/2017Ghanavati S
D. Marosin
Steering Transformations with Architecture Principles06/2017Ghanavati S
D. Marosin
Principle-Based Goal-Oriented Requirements Language06/2017Ghanavati S
D. Marosin
Using contextual knowledge for trust strategy selection05/2017Turner R.M
Whitsel L
Costly information and the evolution of self-organization in a small, complex economy05/2017Wilson J
Hill J
Kersula M
Wilson C.L
Whitsel L
Yan L
Acheson J
Chen Y
Cleaver C
Congdon C
Hayden A
Hayes P
Johnson T
Morehead G
Steneck R
Turner R.M
Vadas R
Wilson C.J
Representing and communicating context in multiagent systems05/2017Rode S
Turner R.M
Distributed, context-based organization and reorganization of multi-AUV systems05/2017David Gagne
Sonia Rode
Turner R.M
Toward distributed context-mediated behavior for multiagent systems05/2017Turner R.M
Sonia Rode
David Gagne
Context and the virtual human05/2017Wilson C
Turner R.M
Context-mediated behavior04/2017Turner R.M
A Sideways Look at Upper Ontologies04/2017Grüninger M
Hahmann T
Katsumi M
Chui C