George Markowsky

George Markowsky

Professor of Computer Science
Cooperating Professor in the School of Policy and International Affairs

  • Ph.D. 1973 Harvard University, Mathematics
  • M.A. 1969 Harvard University, Mathematics
  • B.A. 1968 Columbia University, Mathematics

Office: Boardman 339 
Phone: +1-207-581-3940


George Markowsky received his BA in Mathematics from Columbia University and his M.S. and Ph.D in Mathematics from Harvard University. He spent ten years at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center where he served as Research Staff Member, Technical Assistant to the Director of the Computer Science Department, and Manager of Special Projects. He came to the University of Maine as the first Chair of the Computer Science Department. He held that position from December 1983 until August 1989. He served as interim chair for the 1995-96 academic year. He served as Chair of Computer Science again from 1999-2004. During 2001-2003 he did double duty as the Chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department. During 2004-2005 he was Dean of the American-Ukrainian Faculty at Ternopil National Economic University in Ukraine. In 2006-2007 he was Visiting Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lally School of Management and Technology. He is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maine. George Markowsky has published 71 journal papers and 26 conference papers on various aspects of Computer Science and Mathematics. He has written an additional 19 technical reports and 6 books on various aspects of computing. He also holds a patent on Universal Hashing. His interests range from pure mathematics to the application of mathematics and computer science to biological problems. He has also built voice controlled and enhanced keyboard terminals for use by paralyzed individuals. He is very active in homeland security and is the director of the University of Maine Homeland Security Lab ( George Markowsky was the founding President of the Maine Software Developers Association (MeSDA) from its inception in Spring 1993 until May 1998. The Association has grown from 18 members to over 250. MeSDA works closely with companies and state agencies to promote the development of the software industry in Maine. George Markowsky founded a software company, Trefoil Corporation in February 1994. Trefoil Corporation developed the O*NET software for the U. S. Department of Labor that will replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. The O*NET software was released nationally in 1998. In addition, Trefoil has handled tasks ranging from software reengineering and testing, to the marketing of a product called PC-Pedal. Trefoil also completed Phase I and Phase II SBIRs for the National Institutes of Health. In 1999, he founded Ayers Island, LLC, which is developing an R&D Center two miles from the University of Maine on a 60 acre island. Trefoil Corporation is located on Ayers Island. More details about the companies are available at and George Markowsky has been honored by a Research Division Award and an Outstanding Contribution Award by IBM, a Top Ten Techies to Watch Designation by Massachusetts High Technology Magazine, and economic development awards by the Maine Science and Technology Foundation and the University of Maine Foundation.