Praised Information Law and Policy Podcast Series by SCIS Alumnus James Campbell

Jim Campbell received his PhD in Spatial Information Science and Engineering in 2015 with a concentration in Information Law and Policy. He has a continuing keen interest in personal privacy in the digital age. In addition to continuing to publish and make presentations in professional venues, he has produced a short weekly radio program on Community Radio station WERU-FM (89.9 or for many years focused on the effects of digital technology on our everyday lives for a lay audience.

From explaining how much location based data can reveal about our personal lives to explaining the big to-do about Section 230, “Notes from the Electronic Cottage” tries to make technical information accessible and understandable to non-specialists.

In an article in 2017 entitled “12 Community Radio Podcasts to Hear in 2017,” Ernesto Aguilar wrote “Notes From The Electronic Cottage: Speaking of popular, technology programming (as in podcasting, not Python) is having its day in the spotlight right now. From re/code on down, tons of websites and media groups have tech podcast endeavors. Why is this one great? Well, for starters, it is fluff-free. No idle banter of self-promotional subliminals here. Notes From the Electronic Cottage is a brief, bright news and analysis shot covering privacy, technology, politics and surveillance. It’s very much more wonk than InfoWars, with lots of links and references to help you be more informed about issues sure to be key in the Trump years. WERU, a little community radio firecracker in Maine, plays host.”

New eight minute programs are broadcast and streamed at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday mornings. An archive of hundreds of past programs is available at