i cubed Interdisciplinary “Lunch and Learn” Seminar for Feb 10

Evaluating Users’ Pleasure through Virtual and Augmented Flavor Sensations
by Meetha James
10 Feb 2020, 12 noon, 326 Boardman Hall
Open to the public and campus community. Bring your lunch.

Flavors of food and beverages are closely associated with a lot of our day-to-day
activities. However, in HCI research, little is known about the influence of various sensory modalities such as taste, smell, color, and thermal towards perceiving simulated flavor sensations let alone their influence on people’s emotions, liking, and feeling of pleasure. Our research is focussing on studying how people’s pleasure let alone the emotions and liking will change by the influence of different flavor components. We also aim to develop an evaluation framework to measure the level of pleasure mediated through virtual flavor sensations that will lead to create novel eating and drinking experience.
Meetha James is a Ph.D. student in the Spatial Information Science and Engineering program at the University of Maine. She got her Masters’ degree in Sensory Sciences from Kansas State University and a Bachelors degree in Food Process Engineering from India. She is the graduate senator for SCIS at the University of Maine. Her research interests lie in the areas of Human- computer interaction, human food interaction and the sensory aspects one can deal with when interacting with technology.

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