Computer Science Capstone Projects Are Off the Ground

Continuing the trajectory that was begun last year, the Computer Science Capstone class has become a two-semester program in professional practice, concentrating on software development.  Dr. Terry Yoo has organized the class into four- to five-person programming teams, and a request for proposals was circulated around the UMaine campus.  The clients who are sponsoring these projects  will work closely over the academic year with student teams to elucidate requirements, approve the design of the software architecture, conduct a critical design review, and help perform final acceptance testing.   Five projects were selected through a bidding process among the programming teams.

  • Mobilizing Climate Reanalyzer
    Client – Sean Birkel, Climate Change Institute
  • Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Quantify Surface Elevation Change and Mass Balance Parameters across the Juneau Icefield, Alaska
    Client – Seth Campbell, Kristen Schild, Climate Change Institute
  • Seismic-radar Toolbox GUI Development
    Client – Christopher Gerbi, Seth Campbell, School of Earth and Climate Sciences
  • Processing Imaging Spectroscopy Data for Industry Applications
    Client – Daniel Hayes, Peter Nelson, School of Forest Resources
  • A Clinic-friendly Software Interface for the new Detecting Early Neuropathy (DEN) Medical Device
    Client – Kristie Townsend, School of Ecology and Biology

In support of the central project, students in the capstone class will explore software development practices, concepts in team organization, concerns of privacy and security, and contemporary tools for continuous integration.  The course is designed to help prepare our prospective graduates for their next steps  in their professional careers in computing.