Computer Science seniors and graduate students providing learning support in Boardman 138

The School of Computing and Information Science has continued support for the Boardman Learning Lab and Lounge, located in Boardman Hall Room 137/138. The lab, now managed by Computer Science faculty member Chris Dufour, is designed to provide a social workspace for students at all levels.

Critical to the labs success is its usage as both a support space for introductory courses, as well as a group collaboration space for high level courses. A variety of support is available in this space, including undergraduate seniors, Maine Learning Assistants, graduate teaching assistants, and even faculty. The lab provides several large monitors that can be used by any student with a laptop, as well as a printer and poster plotter. The neighboring lounge provides a comfortable gathering space, complete with coffee, tea, cocoa, and water.

The Boardman Learning Lab has been seeing increased use this year as it enters its third year, with more students becoming aware of the array of support resources available. “There is a really good learning atmosphere here, and it’s why a lot of people choose to do their homework together” says Lab Monitor Enoch. “It is a great meeting place for students to study” say numerous Computer Science students, all working in a group. One senior, who was providing support in the lab at the time, says “I know more about classes and material in Computer Science, and I enjoy helping people and making new friends”.