Graduate Student Shirley Stephen Presents at 14th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory

On Sept 12, Shirly Stephen, PhD student in the Spatial Information Science and Engineering program at UMaine, presented the paper “Formal Qualitative Spatial Augmentation of the Simple Feature Access Model” in Regensburg, Germany at the 14th International Conference on Spatial Information Theory.

The paper develops an approach for storing and integrating data from spatial expressions used by people with the more traditional way mapping and navigation software store spatial data. The work allows performing complex computational analysis and reasoning using a language that is less like a programming language and more like human speech.

The research has been conducted together with Shirly’s adviser Dr. Torsten Hahmann, who is an Associate Professor in Spatial Informatics and Computer Science. It has been supported by a $175,000 NSF grant on “Empowering Multi-Conceptual Spatial Reasoning with a Repository of Qualitative and Quantitative Spatial Ontologies”.

The work was selected as one of only eight papers from 30 submissions to be published in full length in the conference proceedings.


NSF award: