Computer Science Capstone Presentations 2018

Today, the Computer Science Senior class presented their capstone projects. Out of 33 students, 12 students presented their project with 10-minute talks and demo. In the afternoon session, all students presented with posters and demonstrations.

The program can be found here.


Featured Projects:

Andrew Cramer (Advisor: Silvia Nittel)

Natural Disaster Mapping Application. A crowd-sourced natural disaster application, focused on collecting and displaying user feed data.

Katelyn Manzo (Advisor: Silvia Nittel and Sharon Klein)

Connecting to Start a Community Energy Project. Social media expansion of the Community Energy US website (

Nicolas Ward (Advisor: Silvia Nittel)

University Tutoring Application. An on-demand, mobile tutoring application for students to get academic help.

Aaron Speakman (Advisor: Sudarshan Chawathe)

A GPS Based Study Group Formation App. Connects students looking to study with others from the same courses and refines results based on location.

Justin Norman (Advisor: Torsten Hahmann)

Procedural Generation Optimization App. Measuring the output of procedural generators for comparison and optimization.

Evan Sampson (Advisor: Torsten Hahmann)

Common Logic Editor. A lightweight IDE for Common Logic (CL), built on the Macleod ontology development environment

John San Diego (Advisor: Rick Corey)

VR Sculpting App. A sculpting app built for VR which has the basic tools for begin- ners, along with a goal-based tutorial system

Edmond Xiao (Advisor: Roy Turner)

Budget and Loan Manager. Android application to help young adults with financial bookkeeping and planning.

Nathan Mathis (Advisor: Roy Turner)

Bear Bucks on the Blockchain. A web-based wallet and API that is capable of storing and trans- ferring cryptocurrency asset tokens (such as Black Bear Bucks) distributed through universities

Eddie Abbondanzio (Advisor: James Fastook)

Voxelated. Multiplayer voxel terrain engine implemented within Unity that allows players to join together to build worlds comprised of blocks

Timothy Bruce (Advisor: James Fastook)

Geometer’s Planetarium. VR/Leap Motion simulation of the solar system for educational purposes

Liz Demin (Advisor: James Fastook)

Optimal Path Search with Procedural Generation in a Video Game. A top-down, 2D, Rogue-like exploration game that ensures that a procedurally-generated level can be consistently completed by the player

For more project, please see the program.