Sara M. Lindsay

RiSE Center Assistant Director and Faculty Member
Associate Professor of Marine Sciences

102 Estabrooke Hall (Murray Hall)
207.581.4674 (207.581.2739)
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Ph.D. in Ecology, University of South Carolina, 1994


Sara Lindsay studies the sensory biology and ecology of marine invertebrates. She is especially interested in chemoreception, tissue regeneration, bioturbation and understanding how polychaetes and other infauna make a living in the mud and sand at the bottom of the ocean.

Highlighted Publications

Perry, E.S., W.R. Miller & S. Lindsay. 2015. Looking at tardigrades in a new light: using epifluorescence to interpret structure. Journal of Microscopy. 257 (2), 117-122 doi:10.1111/jmi.12190

Jumars, P.A., K.M. Dorgan & S.M. Lindsay. 2015. Diet of Worms Emended: An update of polychaete feeding guilds. Annual Review of Marine Science 7:497-520