Lateral Field Excited Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators and Sensors

Lateral Field Excited Bulk Acoustic Wave Sensors (2010 – Present)

The Lateral Field Excited (LFE) Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) sensor is a type of Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM). Unlike the commonly used Thickness Field Excited (TFE) QCM, the LFE sensor has both electrodes on one side, leaving the sensing surface bare. This allows the LFE to sense electrical properties as well as mechanical properties. This research has focused on optimizing LFE sensors, and developing electronic interfaces for LFE sensors.

This research has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the University of Maine System Research Reinvestment Fund.

  • Faculty: Nuri Emanetoglu (ECE), John Vetelino (ECE), Jason Harkins (MBS), Caitlin Howell (CBE)
  • Graduate students: Thomas Leighton, Jequil Hartz
  • Undergraduate students: Carolyn Pugliano, Nicole Curtis-Bray, Rahim Stenneett, Sam Wallace, Jordan Dykstra, Benjamin Rossi, Bennie McMinis, Bailee Bartash, Yuri Trusty


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