About the Interreligious Calendar

Major holidays appear here through 2023. For planning purposes beyond that, see the Google-based (and frequently updated) UMaine Interreligious Calendar.

Holidays with work restrictions are marked with an asterisk (*) and tagged. So a search for “work restricted” holidays will give a list of dates that should be avoided for scheduling purposes. 

Adding your Observances

If your event, celebration, observance, or holy day is not listed here contact Derek A. Michaud to be added. 

Accuracy of Dates

Many traditions do not use the Gregorian calendar to determine their observances. Therefore, there may be slight variations in the dates provided here and local observances. 

For example, a day in the Jewish calendar begins at sundown and ends at the following sunset (Islamic days are also like this). This means that Jewish holidays begin in the evening of a Gregorian calendar day. In some calendars, this is signified by giving two (Gregorian) days for a single Jewish day. Here, we give the Gregorian day that a Jewish day ends and note the “eve” separately when there are work restrictions.