Research Opportunities

Our program provides opportunities for students to conduct research with our faculty in laboratory and field settings on a voluntary basis as well as through courses such as PSY 492 (Problems in Psychology), PSY 494 (Senior Research Project), and HON 499 (Honors Thesis). Involvement in research is crucial for students applying to a Ph.D. program in Psychology or related fields. However, even if you aren’t planning to apply to a Ph.D. program, getting involved in research is a great way to enhance your understanding of psychology and strengthen your critical thinking and communications skills.  Students involved in research are able to present their work at our annual departmental research fair each spring and recent students have also presented their research at local (e.g., Mainely Data, Maine Psychological Association, Maine Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience), regional (e.g., New England Psychological Association Conference), national (e.g., Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Association for Psychological Science) and international conferences.   In collaboration with a faculty mentor, students can apply for Research Fellowships through the College of Liberal Arts and Science and the Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR).