HON 498 and 499 (Honors Thesis)

An Honors Thesis (HON 498 and HON 499) on a topic in psychology and chaired or co-chaired by a psychology faculty member will be accepted as a capstone experience and writing intensive course for all Honors students majoring in Psychology.  The thesis proposal form must be signed by the Department of Psychology chair or undergraduate coordinator.  An Honors Thesis in Psychology requires careful planning well before the Senior year.  Most faculty in the Psychology Department require prospective Honors Thesis students to have interacted with their lab (e.g., volunteering in the lab or taking PSY 492 Directed Research) for at least 1 semester (often 2) before agreeing to chair an Honors Thesis.  Communication between the student and the potential Honors Committee Chair is critical.  We strongly encourage prospective Honors Thesis students wanting to do their Honors Thesis project in psychology to begin the processes of finding a thesis chair by the end of their Sophomore year.