Job Posting-Mainers for Accountable Elections

My name is Matt Clausen, I’m a Regional Political Director for Mainers for Accountable Elections a nonprofit looking to strengthen campaign finance laws in Maine to hold our office holders accountable and increase transparency so voters know where the money that funds our Legislators races is coming from.

I’m writing today to ask if you have any recent graduates looking for work doing Field Organizing on this issue in Central Maine. I’m looking for resumes and hoping to hire two candidates that will fit into our program. Field Organizers are vital to our volunteer recruitment efforts and success as a whole. It’s valuable campaign experience and a great set up to potentially working other campaigns next year in accelerated capacities.

If you know of solid candidates for this position, please encourage them to send a resume, cover letter and references to me at this email.

Thank you for your time,

Matt Clausen

Regional Field Director – Central Maine | Mainers for Accountable Elections

(914) 216-9966

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